Accelerating Access to Quality Care


Driving change in healthcare requires us to play offense.  Too often, our systems are built to play defense alone. Waiting for patients in crisis to show up in emergency rooms or at urgent care clinics is playing defense.  Playing offense compels us to move upstream, anticipating our patients’ needs. Today.

Clinical Care
  • Telepsychiatry

  • Integrated behavioral health support for primary care

  • Direct care 

  • Needs assessment

  • Staffing strategies

  • Program design and launch

  • Targeted fundraising

  • Coalition building

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Classroom or virtual didactics

  • Supervision, training and mentoring

  • Policy briefs and legislative testimony



Frontier Psychiatry was started in 2019 by Eric Arzubi, MD to deliver clinical support and consultation to individuals and healthcare organizations struggling to access psychiatric care.

Dr. Arzubi is board certified in both general/adult psychiatry and child/adolescent psychiatry; however, he considers himself an advocate above all.  

He is especially passionate about improving access to psychiatric care in rural communities by leveraging technology and introducing innovative clinical workflows.

For more information about Dr. Arzubi, please visit his LinkedIn profile.


Dr. Arzubi's vision and leadership has started to transform Montana's mental health care landscape:









We will not rest until all communities in rural America have access to the high quality psychiatric care that they deserve. Our communities have the right to immediate, evidence-based care that reduces psychic suffering and improves quality of life. We know what works and we have the tools. Let’s eliminate the excuses and invest in peace of mind.


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